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Commonly Treated Conditions

Geriatric Foot Care

According to the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, impairment of the lower extremities is a leading cause of activity limitation in older people. If older people are to live useful, satisfying and independent lives, they must be able to move about. Mobility is a vital element for independence. Have your feet examined by a foot specialist at least twice a year.

The human foot has been called the mirror of health. Foot specialist,  are often the first practitioners to see the signs of systemic conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, and circulatory disease. Among these signs are dry skin, brittle nails, burning and tingling sensations, feelings of cold, numbness, and discolouration of the foot. Always seek professional care when signs such as these present.

Foot Problems Can Be Prevented

Many people, including the elderly, believe that it is normal for the feet to hurt, and simply resign themselves to endure foot problems that could be treated. There are more than 300 different foot ailments. Some can be traced to heredity, but for an ageing population, most of these ailments stem from the cumulative effect from years of neglect or abuse. However, even among people in their retirement years, many foot problems can be treated successfully, and the pain of foot ailments relieved.

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