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Compression Stockings: Wear and Care

Wearing compression for the first time


  • The first few times you wear your compression garment you will notice a “squeezing” sensation.  It is OK to begin wearing your stockings gradually. Try wearing them for a few hours the first day and then increase the number of hours each day, until you can wear them comfortably.
  • Check your stockings periodically to smooth out any wrinkles as the fabric may move during the day.
  • Always remove Stockings before bed.
  • If you find that compression stockings are difficult to put on, We have donning aids available for purchase, which prove to be very helpful.


Wearing compliance


It is important to wear your compression garments every day or as indicated.  Compression stockings and sleeves can help to manage an on-going problem.  When you remove your compression garment, the underlying condition responsible for your symptoms is still there.  Failure to wear your stockings or lymphedema garment as indicated, may cause your condition or symptoms to become more severe.



  • Hand or machine wash with warm water and mild soap or detergent.
  • No chloride bleach.
  • Warm water rinse.
  • Hang Dry.
  • Dryer is NOT recommended.
  • When possible, place your stockings in a mesh laundry bag to help protect them during the wash cycle.


Special care for thigh-high style hosiery


The use of skin care products such as skin creams, body lotions or powder may prevent the silicone band from keeping the thigh high in place. Dry skin or excessive hair growth can also make the adhesive less effective.

To improve the performance of the silicone band under the above conditions, we recommend the following steps:

  • Turn thigh high stockings inside out before washing.
  • Before the main wash, thoroughly hand-wash the silicone band using a delicate fabric detergent.
  • Follow the “Application and Care Instructions” included in the package.


Replacing your garment


The elastic fibres of your compression garment stockings will eventually break down with wear. Proper care will increase the lifespan of your stockings, but you will need to replace your stockings approximately every 3-6 months depending on how often you are wearing them and how you are caring for your garments.  As a general rule, if your garment becomes easy to put on, it probably needs to be replaced.

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