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Cutera Genesis Plus Laser



The GenesisPlus is a multipurpose laser system designed to provide a fast and effective solution for a wide range of podiatric conditions, including onychomycosis, warts and scars. Its state-of-the-art design allows for customized treatments tailored to each patient’s individual concerns.
GenesisPlus — the premium laser for onychomycosis, scars and warts — this state of the art laser, provides a fast and effective solution for nail fungus & Plantars warts, with virtually no downtime. The unique features of the GenesisPlus make it the laser system of choice to maximize your return and effectively clear your nails or warts without systematic drugs, or more invasive therapies.


How does the GenesisPlus work to clear nail fungus?

Laser light from GenesisPlus passes through the nail and the surrounding tissue.  The laser light is absorbed by pigment in the fungi, which causes the pigment to heat, and this heat kills or damages the fungal organism.  This can result in you nail growing normally.


What can you expect?

The treatment involves passing the laser beam over the infected nails and surrounding skin. Your foot specialist will repeat this several times until enough energy has reached the nail bed.  Your nail will feel warm during the treatment.
–  A single treatment session takes approximately 20 minutes
–  Most patients show some improvement after one treatment, but the required number of treatments will vary depending on how severely each digit is infected. Most patients will require at least 2-3 sessions to see major improvements. 
–  Remove all nail polish or gloss the day before the procedure.
–  The procedure is generally comfortable with a small hot “pinch” that can be felt by some patients, but resolves quickly. Most patients describe the treatment as a “warm” sensation, but not uncomfortable, or painful. 
–  Immediately following the procedure your nail may feel warm for a few minutes.  You can resume normal activities immediately.
–  If treatment is successful, you will see new, healthy nail begin to grow. It is important to remember that nails grow slowly, so it may take up to 12 months to see an entirely clear nail.



How does the Genesis Plus Work to clear Warts?

The GenesisPlus Laser, is an advanced optimized Nd:Yag laser targeting the tiny blood vessels of warts. Each laser exerts its effect via physical interaction of its wavelength and targeting chromophore. The target chromophore for the wart is the vascular component. By obliterating tiny blood vessels within a wart, advanced laser wart therapy by GenesisPlus can dramatically speed up destruction of the most resistant warts.

What can you expect?

The Cutera Nd YAG laser provides new hope for the removal of a wide range of warts that are resistant to traditional therapies, without presenting a high risk of scarring. Typically, more than two thirds of warts caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) can be cleared using Nd YAG laser.


DOES THE PROCEDURE HURT? To remove the wart, the laser energy is focused directly on the wart tissue. You may feel a stinging sensation during the laser treatment, but there is no lasting pain following the procedure. If needed, a topical anesthesic can be administered, but this is usually not necessary.


WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE PROCEDURE? Immediately after laser exposure, the treated area turns a grey colour, and then eventually blackens, forming a scab, which usually falls off 3-4 weeks after the procedure. Over the next several days, the area will heal and the skin texture and tone will return to normal.


HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? Depending on the number of warts, as well as their size and location, a typical treatment session runs about 5-10 minutes. The number of treatments required varies from case to case.Simple warts may require only one treatment, while deeper or more resistant warts may require additional treatment sessions to resolve completely.


IS IT SAFE? The Nd YAG laser is safe, and can be used on children; it has been used successfully for thousands of treatments worldwide.Because only light interacts with your skin, there is no risk of a reaction from chemical agents.




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