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Your feet are one of the most overlooked body parts when it comes to exercise. As you exercise, it is important to pay attention to what your feet are telling you.

Consult your physician before beginning any fitness programs. This includes a complete physical and foot exam. This evaluation is especially important for those who are overweight, individuals that smoke, or those that haven't had a physical exam in a long time.

Proper fitness requires the right clothes and shoes. It is important to wear loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing in the Summer and several layers of warm clothing in cold weather.

Most people don't realize the tremendous amount of pressure that is put on their feet while exercising. For example, a 150-pound jogger puts more than 150 tons of impact on his feet when running a mere three miles.

Improper foot care during exercise is a contributing factor to some of the more than 300-foot ailments that.

The following list outlines some common ailments that are often caused by improper foot care during exercise:


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