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Post Operative Care



In order to minimize post-operative healing time and prevent complications such as infection, patients who have undergone nail surgery procedures are asked to follow post-op guidelines. The information below will likely answer most of your questions, but if you have concerns or would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact the clinic at: 613-936-8461, or a local health care professional if our office is closed. 

My toe still feels numb


Your toe(s) has/have been anaesthetized with a local anaesthetic, similar to that used by a dentist.  As the freezing can take up to 2 hours to wear off, it is important to protect your toes from experiencing any trauma, which might go unnoticed due to diminished sensation.  Ideally, it is best to make arrangements to have a friend or family member pick you up, or call a taxi after the procedure has been performed, as driving is NOT recommended.  Be sure to wear roomy shoes to your appointment, which will not put pressure on your toes and will allow room for bandaging.


What should I do if my toe begins to bleed or become painful?


In the first 24 –48 hours after your procedure, some slight spotting of blood may be noticed on the dressing.  This is NOT a cause for alarm.  In most cases, what appears to be “bleeding” is, in fact, only the brown antiseptic that we use routinely on nail surgery dressings.  If the dressing appears bright red or is soaked, please call 613- 936-8461 during clinic hours. If it is after hours, please present immediately to your nearest walk-in clinic or hospital emergency department to have the dressing changed and the post-op area assessed by a healthcare professional.    

Do not remove or tamper with bandages


Most patients experience little or no pain in the immediate post-operative period.  Should you experience discomfort after the local anaesthetic has worn off, you may choose to take an analgesic of your choice.




A bulky padded sterile gauze dressing has been applied to your toe(s).  It is essential unless otherwise advised by the Chiropodist, that this dressing is kept in place and absolutely dry until it is removed by the Chiropodist at your follow-up appointment which is usually 5 –7 days after the procedure.  Should the dressing become loose, reinforce the area with a suitable tape of your own.  Do NOT soak or bathe your toe(s).


What can I expect when I return to the clinic for my dressing change?


Upon your return to the foot clinic in 5 – 7 days, the Chiropodist will remove the dressing and note the progress of healing. The toe(s) will then be redressed.  If the area is healing well, the Chiropodist will prescribe a topical antiseptic and/or antibiotic and a course of home treatment to do yourself.  Verbal instructions will be provided to you at this stage.  Please do not hesitate to ask the Chiropodist any questions you may have about home dressings.


How long will it take my toe to heal?


An average of 6 – 8 weeks are required from the time of the operation until healing is complete.  You will be required to attend the clinic as recommended by your Chiropodist, at regular intervals until the area has healed completely.  Please do not hesitate to ask the Chiropodist any questions you may have.


What will my toe(s) look like after the surgery?


As our method of nail surgery virtually ensures no future nail re-growth, you will be left with either a narrower nail or no nail at all depending on the procedure performed.  Do not be alarmed at the appearance of the area in the first few weeks as the tissues are undergoing healing and will appear swollen and crushed.


What should I do if I notice nail regrowth?


In the unlikely event that the nail should re-grow in the area that the procedure was performed, contact your Chiropodist for advice and/or further treatment.

It is important to comply with the above advice, as proper care will result in faster healing and reduce the risk of complications.

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